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2023 Race Calendar - Spring Edition

Here we go! We heard you, we see you, we delivered our best guess at a race calendar for the Spring. As privateer athletes, getting a calendar dialed in is probably one of the hardest parts of the season, there are so many amazing races and events we'd like to attend and with Gravel blowing up it's becoming even crazier to fit it all in!

Lessons I've learned the past 3 years with races/events:

  1. You cannot say yes to everything (even though I try to, promoters understand that there are a ton of events out there)

  2. I try to race when I want to and not when I don't. Showing up to races that I'm stoked on is really important for longevity in the sport.

  3. Work around the "work". Some races are non-negotiables (sponsors want you there so you show up, and you do it professionally and bring your A game). Find ways to balance these events with fun shit - camp, incorporate cool rides, or sometimes you've gotta just roll in, do the work, roll out. That is okay too!

  4. Follow your motivation

  5. Early season looks different for everyone, some people like to race into shape others like to ride into it. Neither is right or wrong, a lot is dependent on where you live and what motivates you.

  6. I try to add in new races each year, especially things that are scary - distance, elevation, technical features, new discipline - try it all!

  7. Link up with other bike racers to make it more than just showing up to a race and leaving when you're done. Friends make it fun, you learn from the way other people approach things and balancing with another person keeps you flexible!

  8. If you have a hard time sticking to things you've signed up for, make it public, or tell friends and family. Put it out there in a way that keeps you accountable but doesn't add unnecessary stress.

From Ellen on her early season prep and racing:

It’s always a bit nerve racking heading into the spring with the first few races on the horizon. Coming from a place with snow and cold weather I usually take a bit to find my momentum for the early season races. This year, I spent more time down south training and I started training earlier than I have ever before. With that, I’m feeling a bit more confident in my March fitness. More importantly, I’m excited for these first few races to spend some time on the mountain bike and to camp with friends. There will definitely still be an adjustment to getting back in the groove of racing but I’m motivated and anxious to get things rolling.

And now, the highly anticipated, a little bit up in the air, but public and written down nonetheless, SPRING SCHEDULE:

*Subject to change, of course, haha*

Sarah's Stuff:

  • Moab Rocks (TBD)

  • Sea Otter Classic (Fuego XL)

  • The Traka

  • Paydirt Gravel

  • Unbound

  • Telluride Gravel

  • Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder (TBD)

  • Big Horn Gravel (TBD)

  • Crusher in the Tushar

Ellen's Stuff:

  • Cactus Cup

  • Moab Rocks

  • Sea Otter Classic (Fuego XL)

  • Whiskey Off-Road

  • GJ Rides and Vibes

  • Unbound

  • Go Pro Games

  • Big Horn Gravel

  • Crusher in the Tushar

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