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EXCITING NEWS! It's not just a one woman show anymore.

Individual endurance sports are funny. Sometimes they're "haha" funny, and sometimes they're more like "wtf" funny. Often though, they feel very lonely. This is perhaps by design, we ride within ourselves to find an imaginary line in the sand...the quickest. The pursuit can feel lonely. After all, how many people truly enjoy riding for more hours than they watch on Netflix? Then add in the race to the line. But I do think that's what builds such a weird and wonderful community. We are alone but then again we are not. We know that there are others like us and again, by design, we end up crossing paths and doing crazy things alone ... but together. When we meet, there is a bond, often silent but somehow says, "oh yeah, I love this too". The pursuit of better, the pursuit of best, the pursuit of answers, silence, newness, connection and disconnection brings us together.


A big hello to Ellen Campbell

oI am so very excited to introduce Ellen t the world of gravel and endurance cycling. She isn't new to cycling by any means, I've known her since she was a wee little pup riding for Durango Devo U-14, through her collegiate years as an athlete and watched her grow up. The reason I added her to the roster (of two) is because I believe in supporting women and sharing the learnings I've had so far as an independent female athlete. Ellen has been one of those riders who has shown so much potential both on and off of the bike and I felt like she has both earned and deserves some support. Often times great people, athletes, role models get overlooked. Those people who have always been right on the bubble, the ones who have something special but don't fit into that mold perfectly. At this point in my career I have a stable base, some clarity in how to exist in the professional athlete scene and I would like to use my platform and experience to elevate someone new!

Ellen and I have been working closely together the past 5 months to make this possible, my goal is to share my experiences to help her form her own, guide her in how to maintain partnerships and grow as an independent athlete ... authentically! I am so excited to see what Ellen does this year, both at her races and within the community. She is so passionate about coaching and guiding others with a friendly smile, open arms and some mean cornering skills. Seriously, watch out, this chick can out descend the best of them!

You'll see her racing in our team kit, showcasing her sponsors (Specialized, Wahoo, Rapha, Roka, Topo Designs, SRAM and Tailwind) in all of her adventures. Our race calendars will overlap at a few events this season as Ellen will be racing a mixture of MTB and gravel. You can find her schedule at the below.

We are embarking upon this journey of bike racing, riding and growth together. We are going to learn how to support each other, lift each other up and push each other forward. I have wanted to grow in this way, out, rather than just up and Ellen couldn't be a better fit for that. She brings organization, reason, giggles at just the right time and she is both up and down for any challenge. I've always been a big team sports person, from soccer, swimming, martial arts, track and collegiate cycling, the most growth I ever had was along my friends and teammates. Though we are only a two woman show it feels bigger than that thanks to our sponsors who are also teammates in a sense!

This is only the beginning, and an exciting one at that. I am so proud to call this rad woman a friend and teammate!

You can follow her journey through this blog, our newsletter and her Instagram.

Some words from Ellen

Warm and fuzzies. That’s how I feel about spending time outside; particularly when I'm cruising two wheels on singletrack, gravel roads, or through the neighborhood on my way to the farmers market. Or when I'm backpacking to an alpine lake, water coloring on the front porch or skiing fresh powder in the winter. Really, any moment when I get to move my body, feel the sunshine on my face, and check out the neat things that the outdoors has to offer! I was born and raised in Durango, Colorado where many outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists call home. I started riding as a youngster, but didn't quite love it until high school when I joined NICA. Through those first few years as a junior racer, I slowly gained some competitiveness but I didn't show up to practice to do well. I went for the friends. For me, riding bikes is about releasing anxiety and having fun, and racing is about the community. I love to challenge myself and race hard, just as much as I love to meet new people and chat post-race. While studying biology at Fort Lewis College, I found an incredible community (more like a family) with the college cycling team. Surrounded by this fun-centric community with amazing support, I explored downhill, road, cyclocross and cross country mountain bike racing. Throughout college and to this day I have spent the summer and fall, coaching the next generation of cyclists through Durango DEVO and the Missoula NICA team. I get stoked to see the young shredders, riding together and building the community that got me into racing! Recently, I have been enjoying the longer, endurance side of bike riding. The long conversations, good laughs and plenty of snacks is what excites me about marathon mountain bike and gravel racing. I love goats (and most animals), toe-tapping to bluegrass music, racing bikes, learning to knit new things, bringing tasty snacks to mountain summits, and sunshine. I am passionate about doing what I love, riding bikes and having fun, and working hard to make sure others can feel the warm and fuzzies.

-LN aka Ellen


- ellen -

Ruta del Jefe - March 4th

Bikepacking "team" camp - March 5-11th

Cactus Cup - March 12-14th

Whiskey 50 - May 1st

GoPro Mtn Games - June 11th

Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder - June 22nd-26th

MTB Nationals - July 16th-17

Rooted Vermont - July 30th

Leadville - August 13th

Last Best Ride - August 19th

Chequamegon MTB - Sep 17th

Rad Dirt Fest - Oct 8th

Big Sugar - Oct 22nd

- sarah -

Ruta del Jefe - March 4th

Bikepacking "team" camp - March 5-11th

Sea Otter XC- April 9th*

Gravel Locos - May 14th

New Cuyama // Long Traverse Event - May 21st

Unbound - June 4th *

Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder - June 22nd

Crusher in the Tushar - July 9th *

Rooted Vermont - July 30th

Leadville - August 13th *

Chequamegon MTB -Sep 17th *

Rad Dirt Fest - Oct 8th

Big Sugar - Oct 22nd *

- cyclocross -

SSCXWC - November 10th

Random UCI Race

US Nationals...perhaps


See Ya Soon!

We are so excited to start this year off right with a little desert adventure in a few weeks. You'll find us at Ruta del Jefe (one of our favorite events) and straight into a bikepacking trip to drop Ellen off at the first race of the season, Cactus Cup! If you're attending either of those events, don't be shy, say hi!

Thanks for reading and catch ya'll on the flip side.


-Sarah + Ellen

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